Visual Arts-As Old as Civilization

For as long as man has been alive, he has observed the aesthetics and beauty of life. It seems that it is innate in us to create and change and this has been demonstrated throughout the ages. Even the cave man recreated his vision and told a story via stonewalls.

All art is a communication! The artist is creating his/her vision via any artistic outlet such as drawing, painting, sculptures, photography, graphic design or filmmaking etc.

It’s any art we see! The natural landscape is a powerful tool artists have used throughout time. We seem to want to recreate what we are looking at and at the same time change it to put our own nuances and character into it.

Art is not limited to drawing, painting, sculptures etc. There are the living visual arts such as the painstaking shaping of the Bonsai tree or creating the next beautiful hybrid rose. We started with the incredibly gorgeous vintage rose and now we literally have hundreds of different kinds of roses in various sizes, colors and fragrance.

Dancing, figure skating, gymnastics, ballet, and even acting are also considered visual art forms.

You are basically taking something that has been done before, or a piece of life, and are making it new by changing or adding your own character to the piece. That’s all imagination is!

Just in the 20th century alone we have created new forms of art such as art nouveau, pop art, ethnic art to name a few. The subject of art is so vast that there is literally no ceiling to creativity and that is what makes this subject so incredibly interesting.

For as long as man exists, we will find a way to create new and interesting things to look at. It is after all in our nature to do so!

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic Design is the combination of art and science to convey a message through visuals. It is accepted as a mode of communication. Now that the world has entered the internet age and most businesses compete for the attention of consumers through cyberspace, graphic design artists have become a necessity. Designers are needed to make appealing web pages. No matter how useful or moving the contents of a website are, it might still not meet the desired results of the owner if it does not look good. Appearance is the primary attribute people notice. When one is surfing online he would most likely check only web pages that in first glance seem to be host important information.


1. Human Mind

This is the most important tool in Graphic Design especially since graphic design is half art. While the science half can be left to technology the art half cannot. Human judgment, taste, and preference and of course creativity are vital elements of a successful graphic design piece. Another important attribute machines or technology cannot provide is originality. Designers are hired to make original works. Their works can be totally original starting with each little piece. Their works may also compose of non-original pieces arranged and put together in such a unique way that the origin of the pieces becomes immaterial. Many designers have also developed their own techniques and style of designing.

2. Computer

The computer is an essential tool in Graphic Design because it is what is used to run the different software and applications the designer needs to adequately perform his tasks. Computers can perform many things exponentially faster than humans. They can store data and information in a way that they can be easily retrieved. They are also the primary means in which an individual can connect to the internet. Cyberspace is an important resource because it houses countless images, characters, layouts, and all other graphic design elements most of which can be downloaded for free. Though there are still some who conduct traditional methods of graphic design, a vast majority prefers using computers to make the work easier, faster, and more convenient.

3. Software and Applications

These are a collection of codes and programs that work together to assist the computer user in performing a particular set of tasks. Graphic Design software and applications have greatly evolved through the years. Tasks that used to take days of sitting and working in front of the computer can now be completed in minutes using the right application. Most applications focus on one area such as the Photoshop which revolves around quick, easy, and convenient manipulation and alteration of images. Graphic design tools of today are so efficient even kids can now create their own designs. Some successful designers have not even undergone design classes and simply learned from using applications.

4. Pencil

The pencil is one of the basic tools in graphics. Today however, it is not only limited to the traditional handheld pencil. It can come in the form of a laser pen or a digital pen.

Graphic Design Resources

When we choose the job of graphic designer, and absolve all the courses necessary to know what to do in the accessed items, we can think now, how to get commitments. Once you get a contract, you should know what to do with it, so to please on our clients, so that way we can create a good reputation. For this purpose the work that must be deposited must rise to the highest standards. Along with getting a diploma, in this sense, does not mean that there we stopped learning. No, in this profession, we must learn something new every day, so it can help us, and discover stuff from the experience of others, so it can make it easier to run a quality job and do it quickly so we can please our customers. So we need resources that inspire us to choose photos, textures, patterns, brushes, icons and fonts.

On the Internet we can find some sites where top designers or not, have decided to share their experience with those who are at the beginning. So we can make the best, and uniting with the knowledge acquired of information that we can find, to do so, that our work turn out unique and interesting in our hands, and so we earn our reputation in the field. I will enumerate some of the sites where we can get these resources.

R. Flick is a site where we can view images that we use in our project, morgue File. – Give proof of a good organization and a quick search and it is easy to use., stock. xchng, – can be used for sharing photos and store them, stock is the same as before, cg. -textures – is where it can be found quickly types of textures, such as Grange or Nature, squid fingers / patterns-there are a whole collection of patterns that can be used as background or in print, textures king-users – we can share with others our own textures, brushes king- we can find here a wide range of brushes from Photoshop Abode and downloading them, is free, Free the vectors of this site are not only for personal use, but for sale also, Icon Finder- is a true search engine for icons that are developed and maintained by Glass Box, we find fonts used by top designers and their download is free. After all this information, I hope I have been helpful and that you will finish your work in the best conditions.