Increase Market Sales With Graphic Design

There’s a popular saying; “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” U.S. researchers have discovered that the human brain can interpret images that the eye sees in just 13 milliseconds. This is a because the average human eye is able to process an image 92% faster than reading through a few lines of written words.

A clear, detailed picture which is able to pass a message effectively to its readers has a higher rate of being recalled easily, compared to a picture without a specific purpose. Hence when branding, this strategy is integrated to increase the value, create awareness, and makes acquiring potential clients an easier job – which brings about an increase in sales and demand.

Another analysis states that companies with a great logo perform better than companies without. This is because clients tend to remember pictures when they see them repeatedly. Not only that, it makes them know what to expect from your company. So, if potential clients are exposed to the same logo every now and then through social media and advertisements, they would have a higher chance of remembering that logo when in need.

In this article, I would be sharing five ways to increase sales using graphic designs.

Graphics should be kept short and simple

A client would be able to sniff out on the quality of your graphics. Investing in a good quality graphic design will not just impress your customers, but will also show how professional you are. Your graphics should be clear and of great quality, while the words written on the graphics should be kept short and simple. Do not overcrowd the image because this could bring about confusion in your clients’ minds.

Note the keywords

Adding call outs and highlighting portions of the written content would make a reader focus more on that information. So, if you want readers to note certain keywords and references from your website or in your company, this is the way to go about it.


The front of your website, or anything you’re writing on, plays an important role in catching the readers’ attention. There’s no fixed size or front for anything, but a good front should be easy to read without the information being too overcrowded and too spacious. Finding the balance between the two is of great importance to your business growth.

Using the right colours

Other than the front used when writing, the colour of the graphic is just as important. Colour creates ideas, expresses messages, sparks interest, and generates certain emotions. Some colours hold a universal significance and tend to create a particular message in the subconscious mind of your readers. For example, red – it generally means blood or a warning sign. Also, a good colour combination strengthens your website and the branding of your business.

Be a coach

Coaching, consultations or leading seminars might seem like a waste of time for you, but they aren’t. Actually, as a start-up, you don’t need to go big as to be a coach or lead seminar, but you can offer free consultation tips and drop tips every now and then on your business niche. This helps you to create value within your clients and your business. People would also go as far as recommending you to their friends, families and colleagues. Whereas, in seminars, the design of the PowerPoint template would have your company theme and logo as the template. This way, it would show how professional you are about your business – which would also rake in clients.

Why You Cannot Underestimate the Importance of Graphic Design

1. It improves Sales

Graphic design pieces that are created with much thought have the ability to boost sales. Internet users are easily attracted to unique designs. A quality design can deliver various messages to viewers: like for example, the person/company that owns the website provides high quality products/services. When web users are drawn to a unique logo, business card and other company related designs, their minds indirectly get messages such as this. This draws more people to the site.

When graphic designs are successful in making a positive impact on web users, most of them can even become loyal clients. The marketing items can help project a company as a brand that can be trusted. A company’s steady growth can certainly be attributed to this aspect.

2. It establishes a Company’s Name

Graphic designs can also help establish the name of a company in its niche market. Seeing an attractive logo from time to time gives a name recall, reminding viewers of the brand behind it. Just the same, websites, advertisements and business cards are designs that are seen almost everyday. These designs are constant reminders of the brand. They help in recognizing the brand name.

Usually, small businesses do not have enough budget for marketing their products/services. So, it is difficult for their brand to get recognized in their niche market. However, if their logo, business card and marketing items have a unique design, these can capture the interest of viewers. Designs, therefore, let companies establish their names in their niche market.

3. It builds Goodwill in the Market

In addition, graphic designs serve as tools to earn trust and reputation in the market. A logo with good aesthetics makes the viewers feel confident. When a company’s design elements appeal to the viewers’ senses, these allow them to have more faith in its products/services.

An attractive design gradually helps win the trust of customers, making most of them loyal to a business.

Graphic design can help a company highlight its products. When a company introduces a new product/service, it plans a new marketing campaign, which presents this in a new light. The company needs to hire quality services to provide products with an image.

4. It delivers a brand message

Also, graphic design is a great way to convey a particular brand message to target the audience and buyers. First, the designer would want to know the message that needs to be conveyed by the design.

The design becomes useful when it delivers a brand message. There are certain colors ands typefaces chosen to purposely arouse emotion, which becomes the brand message to prospective customers.

5. It unites the employees

Companies with a lot of employees should have a unique, common cause. Graphic designs can help them in this regard. Companies usually have logo, stationary, brochures, uniforms, web pages and publications, among other designs, and these unite the employees by means of a common identity.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic Design is the combination of art and science to convey a message through visuals. It is accepted as a mode of communication. Now that the world has entered the internet age and most businesses compete for the attention of consumers through cyberspace, graphic design artists have become a necessity. Designers are needed to make appealing web pages. No matter how useful or moving the contents of a website are, it might still not meet the desired results of the owner if it does not look good. Appearance is the primary attribute people notice. When one is surfing online he would most likely check only web pages that in first glance seem to be host important information.


1. Human Mind

This is the most important tool in Graphic Design especially since graphic design is half art. While the science half can be left to technology the art half cannot. Human judgment, taste, and preference and of course creativity are vital elements of a successful graphic design piece. Another important attribute machines or technology cannot provide is originality. Designers are hired to make original works. Their works can be totally original starting with each little piece. Their works may also compose of non-original pieces arranged and put together in such a unique way that the origin of the pieces becomes immaterial. Many designers have also developed their own techniques and style of designing.

2. Computer

The computer is an essential tool in Graphic Design because it is what is used to run the different software and applications the designer needs to adequately perform his tasks. Computers can perform many things exponentially faster than humans. They can store data and information in a way that they can be easily retrieved. They are also the primary means in which an individual can connect to the internet. Cyberspace is an important resource because it houses countless images, characters, layouts, and all other graphic design elements most of which can be downloaded for free. Though there are still some who conduct traditional methods of graphic design, a vast majority prefers using computers to make the work easier, faster, and more convenient.

3. Software and Applications

These are a collection of codes and programs that work together to assist the computer user in performing a particular set of tasks. Graphic Design software and applications have greatly evolved through the years. Tasks that used to take days of sitting and working in front of the computer can now be completed in minutes using the right application. Most applications focus on one area such as the Photoshop which revolves around quick, easy, and convenient manipulation and alteration of images. Graphic design tools of today are so efficient even kids can now create their own designs. Some successful designers have not even undergone design classes and simply learned from using applications.

4. Pencil

The pencil is one of the basic tools in graphics. Today however, it is not only limited to the traditional handheld pencil. It can come in the form of a laser pen or a digital pen.